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Yiwu Market Commodity-dimensional Code the first user more than 100

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2012-06-30

Imports Hall of the five districts of the International Trade City yesterday welcomes a "new guests", and businessmen who have come up with the camera phone. Are experimenting with business operators Shixin Yu said: "the 'new guests' Commodity-dimensional code, as it captured photos, you can know a lot of information."
  Shixin Yu said, "Commodity-dimensional code is the Yiwu Small Commodity code two-dimensional label, although it looks like black and white just like a small piece, however, there is a real product database.
  Business operators who can not read the bar code of the imported goods in domestic instruments, so inevitably suffered the embarrassment of being questioned. "This red wine is imported last month, above the bar code or the Spanish national product bar codes, the inside information we can not read." Then, Spanish winery staff to open the phone bar code reading software After taking pictures "no information", then, the staff come up with the Commodity code just apply for a two-dimensional label, after taking a picture really shows the name of a bit number, with two-dimensional code in the future will be able to avoid those embarrassment, equal to our products have a reputation to protect. "staff said.
  "The businesses apply for this two-dimensional code used a total of 100, taking into account the particularity of imports Museum, currently promoting a number of two-dimensional codes are widely listened to the views of business operators, which contains the origin of goods. agent number, sales calls, URL, Email, instant messaging and other comprehensive information. "Mall Group's market development, service branch index manager Hongqiang said.
  It is reported that this two-dimensional code label tourist shopping centers in four districts has been a full trial. Hongqiang imports of the five District Museum is a two-dimensional code label officially to the market dealers and business owners to promote and years will be in the International Trade City District, the three areas to focus on promotion, the year will reach a new target user 300 home.

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