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2012 Yiwu Fair Booth Arrangement was officially Launched

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-06-27

June 25, the reporter learned from the Mall Group, 2012 Yiwu Fair Exhibition Company, after several months of preparation, the 2012 Yiwu Fair booth arranged on the same day was officially launched in August to complete the work. At this point, the 18th Fair breeze investment and other preparatory work has entered a countdown stage of intense.

Strive to will professional customers in more than 17 million people

  The Fair was founded in 1995, has successfully hosted the 17th, its economic and trade, international, professionalism and effectiveness of increasing erected inside and outside the majority of SMEs to the international bridge, China's consumer goods industry important export platform.
  18th China Yiwu International Commodities Fair Yiwu International Expo Centre in 2012, 10, 21-25, this Fair will focus on to build a national exhibition platform, promote the strategic objectives of the international business city, combination of commodity development trends at home and abroad, mainly to serve small and medium enterprises, in order to attract high-quality exhibitors and professional businessmen to participate as a breakthrough, innovative exhibition concept, the strengthening breeze investment system and service system, and focus on the Fair to create a global commodity manufacturers and buyers to conduct trade negotiations, product demonstrations, information of the platform of choice.
  It is reported that the preparatory work of the 18th China Yiwu International Commodities Fair is being carried out in an orderly manner in Show the scale of the current Fair was essentially flat with the previous, more scientific and industry exhibition layout, businessmen invited to become more professional. Strive to will professional customers in more than 17 million people, of which more than 20,000 overseas merchants; participants inside and outside sourcing trading team 80.

Appropriate adjustment in the industry layout

  It is understood that the exhibition of the 18th Fair distribution of cultural and office supplies, sports and leisure goods, toys and children's products, home textiles, handicrafts, daily necessities, jewelry and jewelry accessories, electronic appliances, hardware, make-up detergent, leather bags , crystal and glass products, e-commerce and trade in services, in addition to imported goods area, collaboration Shanhai, China Women's Federation / processing boutique exhibition, procurement negotiations zone 4 specialty exhibition.
  Exhibition development mechanism for innovation, efforts to accomplishing the Fair exhibition of high standard, according to the Fair industry to nurture and develop and market conditions, negotiate purchasing from the convenience of merchants to enhance the exhibition service and other factors to consider, the session of the Fair industry layout appropriate adjustments.

Among them, electronic appliances, toys and children's products industry exhibition a major adjustment, this adjustment is mainly to consider the principle of correlation of the two adjacent industries, and contribute to the development of adjacent industries complementary.
  The exhibition scale of the imported goods will be further expanded to better nurture and develop the exhibition of imported goods.
  Nearly twice the Fair industry fluttering, the hardware industry is a popular industry in the various sectors of the Fair, and there is good room for growth, the hardware industry exhibition location in the case remain unchanged, the exhibition scale increase in 99 booths last Legco. In addition, the needle textile industry exhibition scale has also increased.
  Combination of last breeze circumstances, cultural and office supplies, sports and leisure goods industry layout is basic the same as the last.

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