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Yiwu leather industry seek a breakthrough race against time

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author:       Date: 2009-11-27

"Innovation and development to achieve new breakthroughs in Yiwu leather industry!" "Forge ahead in unity and create a new situation in Yiwu, the leather market!" ... ... In the November 26 at the Leather Industry Association, Yiwu City, the second session of the first members of Congress, more than 150 members Company issued a solemn declaration, intended to enter the nation's largest leather market.

Steady development of leather industry market-driven

"Leather industry is an important industry in Yiwu, Yiwu market not only boost the development of leather industry for the development of the country as a whole has made great contribution." China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Liao Yiwu, genuine leather in the General Assembly on the industry to give highly appreciated.

Yiwu, the steady development of leather industry benefited from the Yiwu Small Commodity Market. Artificial leather, synthetic leather is a semi-finished products in Yiwu market, the sales of such semi-finished products is considerable. Data show that, at present, Yiwu has more than 10 leather production enterprises, the annual output value of 2 billion yuan; more than 230 enterprises, of which more than 20 more than the domestic-scale enterprises in Yiwu, the head distribution, general agent, last year the entire circulation of the Leather business households sales reached 7.0 billion. Yiwu leather industry this year, concerted efforts to seek co-development, and strive to total sales to 80 billion.

Relying on the advantages of Yiwu market, unique in recent years, the city's export of leather products the proportion of higher and higher. According to incomplete statistics, at present, Yiwu's export-oriented leather products degree of more than 60%, including leather, footwear, leather goods, luggage, leather garments, leather gloves, leather chemical, leather machinery, and shoe bags with the materials. In the municipal party committee's support, the leather industry, the level of production technology, production scale, product quality, innovation rising, at one stroke to become the "China International Industry and Trade of synthetic leather base."

A number of factors constraining the leather industry, "the butterflies pupate"

Insiders pointed out that see the results at the same time, a number of constraints Yiwu leather industry to enhance the negative factors that can not be ignored, such as the existence of small scale leather production enterprises, technical content is not high, the lack of technical personnel, independent innovation capability is not strong, brand Higher awareness of the many flaws. Furthermore, the Yiwu leather production enterprises is less than the number of enterprises, Yiwu leather production and sales account for only about 15% of the country.

"Judging from the current view of the domestic leather industry, Guangdong, Shandong, Wenzhou and other places of the leather industry have formed the overall effect, but Yiwu leather industry due to factors such as restrictions on operating the venue, there is no combined effect of scale." City Leather Industry Association Long Philip P. Pan Ting said today Yiwu leather business enterprises also located in an area of professional integrity Street, H Area International Trade City basement, the three areas and Binwang zipper Street, Chouzhou Road and other places, and insufficient concentration. I hope the Government to increase support for efforts to leather industry with a good business environment, central location.

To enter the nation's largest leather market

"We want to strive for the nation's largest leather market, international and domestic leather production and marketing to build an important base!" City Leather Industry Association membership to the leather industry, full of confidence.

It is understood, leather and its products is a great market potential, the global leather total demand of about 100 million square meters, equivalent to 300 million leather production, equivalent to the standard output of China's leather skin nearly 70 million, about the world leather production 23.33%. Production and marketing leather accessories in Zhejiang is the first province, accounting for almost half of the country. "With unique commodity markets, Yiwu leather industry of tomorrow will surely be more beautiful!" In Yiwu City, the second session of the Leather Industry Association, a member of the General Assembly, the city leaders of Yiwu send my sincere wishes for the development of leather industry.

Philip P. Pan Ting said the next step, the association will guide enterprises to increase innovation, industrial restructuring and increase industry market coverage; re-planning, expanding, adjusting the leather accessories market and play an industry cluster, the market role of the aggregation and integration of resources to attract more settled in well-known brands, Yiwu; organizations to participate in international and domestic professional ways of products on sale, effective expansion of domestic and foreign markets.

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