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World Tour RUSSIA

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-09-06

Russia has officially jointed the World Trade Organization (WTO) on August 22, which means that Russia has become the 156th member of WTO.
And the following is an interview record among professional scholars, journalists and readers. All of the scholars and journalists have explored into Russia markets and readers several days ago.
Q: After Russia's WTO accession, for what kinds of domestic industries will it be easier than before to explore their business opportunities, and what kinds of domestic industries will meet challanges in future?
A: So far domestic industries of heating ventilation, hardware tools, clothing materials, beauty products and equipments have showed themselves to be competitive in Russia, with
their advantages in prices and qulities. Industries of consumergoods manufacturing, food manufacturing and wood further processing have developed into a certain scale in Russina, but due to limited investment, these industries need to explore further.
Q: What should Chinese manufacturers be aware of when entering Russia markets?
A: Chinese manufacturers should insist on the strategy of Land, Sea, Air:Land
means localization process, namely participating the local fairs to explore business opportunities;
ꆰSeaꆱmeans publicity, namely strengthening the cooperation between local medias to expand marketing channels;
ꆰAir ꆱmeans law abiding, namely keeping a fine relationship with local government.
Q: What kinds of domestic scientific industries could be competitive in Russia?
A: Besides the hi-tech industries such as aeroengines, car parts, LED, sports supplies, small appliances and solar products are very competitive in Russia.
This country shows a great interest in clean technologies and a high demand to LED lighting.
Russia will completely stop production of filament lamps at the end of the year 2012 .
Q: What is the market outlook for auto parts industry in Russia?
A: Russians are a people living on autos. Almost everyone in Russia has one car, and a family of three members within it will own three cars accordingly. You can imagine a cheerful market prospect of auto parts.
Q: What is the market outlook for clothing industry in Russia?
A: Russian people are conscious of fashion and care about cut design. Clothing manufacturers have to focus on the quality and designs of their products.
Q: Is there any industries Russia has to import from other countries?
A: Light industry. Light industry in Russia is not developed and they have to rely on import products to meet the needs. Chinese light industry will without any doubt have a cheerful market insight in Russia.
Q: What should be noticed if we develop Russian clients?
A: Russian people always spend a long time in building a stable relationship with others in business scope. We need to keep contact with them ceaselessly to make a hit. And they are as punctual as European people.
What's more, we should focus on details when doing business with them.
Q: I participated in a fair in Russia this June but gained nothing, no purchasers came to my booth. What can I do?
A: Before participating in the fairs in Russia, you have to take a detailed understanding of the related -indutry market report in Russia, to make a clear insight to the market
prospect.We suggest you get more insight into the market via various of channels, and then you can

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