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Yiwu, Zhejiang University affiliated hospital resettlement task completed

Source: Link yiwu    Author: Nancy      Date: 2013-07-04

June 29 afternoon, the crowded city streets Zhaicun East Fu Zi Shan villages, the two machines are digging the long arm waving for demolition operations. A few minutes in front of a huge wall came tumbling down, the dust rising from the sky ......

It is reported that on-site demolition of the house is about Yiwu, Zhejiang University Affiliated Hospital of the project last one relocatees houses. The move also marks the crowded city streets full completion of the project involving the resettlement tasks.

Difficult land acquisition and relocation smoothly

To secure the body to start

Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Yiwu city is one of the key projects. Hospitals built, will greatly solve difficult medical problems surrounding area is a real livelihood projects.

The project is located in Spring Road and Mall Road intersection plots start takeover of the first half of 2006. Project mainly involves crowded city streets east Fu house, Lou Xitang, Wang three former East Village land, a total of 192 acres, involving Zhaicun East Fu Zi Shan villages evicted seven large area of ​​900 square meters.

Resettlement work started, the land acquisition is progressing smoothly, the second half of 2006 basically completed the task in 192 acres of land, but because of the relocatees resettlement plots not yet clear, the early resettlement progress is uncertain. Second half of 2008, officially launched the East Fu Zhaicun transformation of old villages, a clear transformation of old relocatees combine the resettlement village. After a crowded city street worker cadres patient and meticulous work, in June 2009, involving a main construction of the hospital's two relocatees successfully signed a relocation agreement. Mid to late July 2010, the hospital one main project construction. Yiwu in August, the streets on both relocatees resettlement implementation carried out, and now they have moved into a new house about two years.

To ensure that the hospital one of the main project construction safety, construction units have been resettlement plots ascent walls. , Due to the adjustment of the hospital two project planning, the original planning and construction specialists apartment building projects such as infectious diseases Zi Shan remaining five large lots into a green, landscape, fences and other projects, resettlement project therefore was to be shelved.

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