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Yiwu opened the 12330 hotline and integrated into the 96150 platform

Source: Link yiwu    Author: Mira      Date: 2013-05-16

From now on, Yiwu enterprises and the public can call the public service hotline to report complaints of infringement of intellectual property rights violations, and also can  consult the intellectual property rights matters.
Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Intellectual Property Office and Yiwu Digital City Leading Group Office, at the end of April, Yiwu has opened the intellectual property rights consultation and report complaints public welfare service phone "12330", and integrated into the Digital City 96150 platform.
Enterprises or the public cancall 12330 or 96150 through fixed-line telecommunications or telecommunications phone  for consultation and to report complaints. Yiwu Mobile and Unicom Yiwu is integrating date now, can will open the channel soon.
It is understood that "12330" hotline is mainly offer consulting services of the protection of intellectual property rights, laws and regulations policy for intellectual property right holders and the public, and guide them to complaint to the relating to intellectual property law enforcement agencies according to the law; accept public reports of infringement of intellectual property rights violations; offer the information services for protection of intellectual property to the relevant government departments.
    After Accept the report or complaint cases, the staff will convey it to the relavant intellectual property rights administrative law enforcement organs timely, feedback the status and results about the case for the informer or complainant.

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