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Yiwu Customs boost to build "along the way" strategic pivot

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Yama      Date: 2014-08-20

Yiwu customs supervision railway station premises located in Uzzi Avenue No. 800, has officially passed the customs examination and acceptance, which will henceforth carry out more diverse customs supervision business and  lay a solid foundation for Yiwu railway crossings declaration.

It is understood that Yiwu Customs tyied out railway transit operations for more than a year and the "New Silk Road" for commodity exports to Central Asia and Europe has basically opened up.The railroad train- "Yi Xinou", opened in January of this year is to achieve the running of  regular trains.

Yiwu Customs data shows that from January to July of this year,Yiwu small commodity value exporting to the five Central Asian countries reached $ 28,853,000, increasing 4.47 times.

Compared to road transport, rail transport is more economical and cost is cheaper. Yiwu customs surveillance inspection chief, Jiang Yufeng said that in order to support the development of rail transit operations, Yiwu customs has establishend a special working group of railway, which will fully support the construction of the west railway station regulatory sites and open up “green channel” for rail transit operation. In the meantime, increase market research and promotion to provide full guidance for the import and export business.

"Along the way" will further take the heat

Yiwu cargo destined for Central Asia, the Far East, used bus and ocean shipping before, only lasting long with the high cost. Customs launched a green channel transit service,which significantly reduced the logistic time and  transport costs.

It is said that a growing number of Central Asian businessmen are optimistic about "along the way" effect, and began to purchase directly in Yiwu.


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