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The Dragon Boat Festival

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-07-01

Dragon Boat Festival it is! I called my Mum from Milan to express my wishes."Have you ate Zongzi today in Milan?"she asked on the phone."I'm sad and of course no!"I replied regretfully.
Fragments of Zongzi and tea eggs would never be smelt in the air ofMilan city. I have to say that schedules of these foreign fashion weeks always clash with traditional Chinese holidays. Fashion weeks in Paris and Milan in January clash with Chinese New Year, fashion weeks in Paris and Milan in June clash with the Dragon Boat Festival, and New York Fashion Week from September to October, unfortunately conflicts with our Middle-Autumn Day.
And, leaving aside the Dragon Boat Festival and Middle-Autumn Day, I have already missed four Chinese New Years with my family, and my heavy work clouded my memory about the atmosphere the traditional holiday brings to us. Having Zongzi and tea eggs on the Dragon Boat Festival, having moon cakes on Middle-Autumn Day, wearing new clothes and receiving red envelops on the Chinese New Year-only on these specified holidays do these activities mean something. I, a foreign model from a distant country, felt no warmth of
the holiday at all even I glutted lots of Zongzi.

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