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Hong Kong Trade Development Council Delegation Visit Yiwu

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-09-03

August 31, the vice president of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Miss Margaret Fong visits Yiwu, negotiate on promoting the MICE industry docking, Hong Kong enterprises settled in Yiwu cooperation. Party Secretary Huang Zhiping met Margaret Fong and his party.
  Huang Zhiping welcomed Margaret Fong and his party, and briefly describes Yiwu economic and social development and economic and trade cooperation between Yiwu and Hong Kong. He said, relying on its international trade is an important port city of Hong Kong's exhibition industry, geographical location, mature experience in organizing exhibitions, hardware and software synchronization and other advantages, has gradually developed into a new pillar industry, and bring a good economic benefits and social effects. Exhibition experience in Hong Kong is worth Yiwu in-depth study. Future, Yiwu must continue to expand imports, and strive to become the country and even the world's major import commodities display and sales platform. Hong Kong as an important partner in Yiwu, through the talks, the two sides can further expand areas of cooperation, deepen understanding and trust, mutual support both show promotion, and continue to promote the exhibition, tourism, trade, industry, butt-depth cooperation. Huang Zhiping spot invite HKTDC leaders attended the 18th Fair promotion.
  Margaret Fong expresses his sincere gratitude to Yiwu. He said, Yiwu is the world's largest and most successful commodity sales base, Yiwu attracts many Hong Kong businessmen. Yiwu is in the economic transformation, an important period of scientific development, requires a lot of technical and personnel support, Hong Kong has a strong advantage in this regard. Yiwu market has a high reputation in the international community, while benefiting from the advantages of comprehensive reform of the international trade, Hong Kong is also very much like to continue to expand into the mainland market through the platform of Yiwu. Hope that through this visit, both sides can complement each other, sharing resources, and to further expand cooperation and exchanges in the exhibition, trade and economic, cultural and other fields, to promote Hong Kong and justice cooperation to a new level.
  During righteousness, Margaret Fong and his party also visited the International Trade City District, Second District and imports of goods Museum and other places.

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