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Yiwu held Television asked political activities.

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2014-08-28

On august 23, 2014, Yiwu held its first phase of TV asked political activities, and this issue's theme is "national civilized city."

Municipal Committee, Political Committee Secretary Adams Jianmin, Vice Chairman Xu Jiangqi, attended the event.

Comprehensive administrative enforcement, public security, housing construction, transportation, SAC, Office and other government departments and Jiangdong blocking streets, Choucheng streets of Yiwu answered a charge of 18 members of the delegation of sharp political questions asked and received more than 200 public site representative evaluation scoring.

On the site of  political, it has played eight short survey: the Ring Road and evening peak traffic jam, black car is still rampant after repeated renovation, Agricultural Products Trade Market environment dirty and messy and so on.

"Jinyuan Road sidewalk stall is based on what kind of the law?" "Black car drivers know all of the law enforcement officers, and you know them?” Leadership of the SASAC, you bought food there? Were your shoes wet over it ? "...... In the program recording, faced with these sharp and direct problems, many department heads of Yiwu can’t help but blush of embarrassment. But they didn’t avoid, they humbly accept the delegates’ suggestions and comments, and promised to rectificate related issues timely.

The event was very successful. Politics have asked the delegation level, depth, spicy, and asked the Secretary and the Director of their pain, and asked to work out the problems, reaching hear their voices, accept supervision by the masses, change their work style, work to promote the implementation of the effect of politics. After the completion of various departments face sweating red finish, giving top priority to find a profound problem, do not stay dead, Li said Li line, solidly created the national civilized city. Exposure problem, the city discipline inspection commission, created to do, and media to conduct follow-up reports, so that really solve the problem, so that people truly satisfied.

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