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Hope Yiwu getting better

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2014-08-26

Seven plenary Session of the Thirteenth Party (enlarged) Conference and Municipal Fifth Plenary Session of Yiwu has become the focus of attention. Recently, the reporter in the forums, micro blogging found with widespread concern, Internet users respond to and interpret relevant in-depth plenary session and the users of the city expected more intensely about speeding up restructuring and development and looked forward to building "Three New".

In Yiwu forums, one entitled "Building International Trade, DC, are you ready," the post caused a lot of positive response from users. The content of the posts as follows: "Seven plenary Session of the Thirteenth Party (enlarged) Conference and beating the fifth plenary session of the municipal government to accelerate urban restructuring and development of the drums 'one core, two wings, three' strategic plan in what sparked your brain spark? "

Users replied that "DC, this name is very good, reflecting a surge of daring courage. Yiwu, DC, relies on the municipal government to bring everyone to buckle down. “One core, two wings, three pieces “will be able to build high quality, because the direction of Yiwu look right, but also because Yiwu daring and hard work. User threaded that every big city is inseparable with adjusting  the pattern of interests. We cannot just looking forward to 'one core, two wings, three'. We need to sit back and enjoy the true promoters of urban transformation: one to hard work; Second, we must correctly handle the relationship between personal interests and the overall development of Yiwu. When we encountered the need to obey, the overall development of services in Yiwu, the overall interests should come first.

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