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Wallet Business Households Promote Sales

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-08-22

On the afternoon of August 20, when the reporter went to Chen Zhihai wallet shops located in the International Trade City, he is a leisurely look at newspapers. Two months ago, Chen Zhihai just had dismissed store salesperson, "It is not the  salesperson doing a good job this year, business is really short, so it is good for  saving costs," he said frankly, when business was booming, even two people is not enough, now only a person will be able to easily cope with.
    Chen Zhihai is Wenzhou person, early in the local run from a purse factory, most of his dealers are concentrated in Yiwu market, he often listen to his Wenzhou friends who is doing  business in Yiwu about the magic of a small town, which makes Yiwu market is full of curiosity. Eight years ago, Chen Zhihai intends to run the plant on the meantime to set up a distribution point to develop a broader sales channels for their production of wallet, he eventually chose Yiwu. “Yiwu market is very large, so many shops, more point-of-sale, the more chance selected by the merchants." Chan is not worried personally set up distribution points will conflict with their dealer, but think this is more conducive to the promotion of the product.
    In addition to Chen Zhihai, other family members remain to take care of the factory in Wenzhou, he alone to Yiwu, at the beginning he felt lonely, but the entire city is in booming sales, Chen Zhihai feel that special something to look forward to. Chen Zhihai impressed in the period from 2006 to 2008, sales of the purse is popular, most of them are exported to the Middle East. Because merchants are mainly concentrated in the Middle East, the political and economic situation of the local sales will have a huge impact, the political situation in the Middle East in recent years is not good, especially since the second half of last year, the situation is not optimistic, so the drop in sales of Chen Zhihai as much as 40%.
    In order to reverse the passive situation, Chen Zhihai change the simple sell wallet, purse, technology package mode, looking for specialty products from other factories. "The female shoulder cloth in Hebei Baigou, evening bags in Guangzhou, iPad cover, I personally went to the factory to get them." Said Chen Zhihai, although sales of these new products is not ideal, but he will still insist on timely adjustments according to market conditions.

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