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The Cheer Boy

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-08-28

A strong young foreign guy attracted my attention while I conducting my interview to this Afghan foreign trader HAJI QAYOUMGUL last week. He was so concentrated on his work that he pounded the keyboard at this moment, wrote something on the notebook at that moment, and picked up the phone and spoke a long Farsi to the phone..."It's Nazir, who came to China with me about three years ago, now he is my assistant."Noticing my curiosity to this young guy, HAJI QAYOUMGULintro duced him to me.
Born in 1985, Nazir came from Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, the same as HAJIQAYOUMGUL. Nazir never thought of coming to China to work before his graduation in college."My impression of China only came from the news in those International sections of our newspaper - these news include hot issues happening in every country in the world."Nazir confessed that he even had no concreate conception about China before he came here, all he had in heart that moment was curiostiy and excitement.
Of course his perception about China is much more specific now, especially about Yiwu city -Nazir consisted on communicating with me in Chinese. Nazir learnt chinese by internet site, and because he was lack of time and was busy woking most of his time, he could only learn chinese by pinyin and communicate with all chinese people by writing pinyin in place of Chinese characters.
And I have to say that his Mandarin showed a typical local accent. I noticed that Nazir was in a white T-shirt and casual slacks, which were bought in the underground market in the downtown.
"Many merchants in Yiwu would raise the price of the goods we foreigners want to buy, and we have to bargain with them. It is good to see that generally they will agree with us finally."Mentioning with this"life skill" learnt in Yiwu, he smiled shyly.
People who know Nazir well call him a"cheery boy"because he is happy all the time and passes his happiness to all his friends and customers. So they give him the nickname"cheery boy".
What he likes to do in his leisure time when offwork, most of time is to play games and watch movies at his residence and chat with friends - what a pure and simple"cheer boy"!"I would call on several Afghan friends to shoot some pool if it is too boring.
"Nazir stated that he was an excellent swimmer and would go swimming with his friends and his boss HAJI QAYOUMGUL, to keep fit.
"My life in Yiwu is fairly happy."Nazir said to me. As these days happened to be their holiday Hari Raya Puasa -"There will be a three-day vacation to celebrate Hari Raya Puasa in Kabul, all relatives will hang around together happily."But Nazir had to spend this holiday with his boss HAJIQAYOUMGULthis year. He felt kind of down these days, and updated his comments in QQ as "Homesick"."I miss the holiday atmosphere in my hometown. Nazir murmured.

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