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The New Autumn and Winter are all Listed

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-08-30

According to the China Yiwu Small Commodity Index 291 weeks price index released yesterday by the Office of the Yiwu index preparation, the current week price index was 104.07 points, down slightly.
    This coincided with summer and autumn season season, summer supplies consumer demand gradually decline, fall and winter product onto the market and the merchants to look like the next single behavior increased. Which, cotton slippers, shoes, bathrobes and other seasonal product sales pick up; the recent typhoon affect our coastal areas, rainy weather driven rain gear industry sales potential rise; hand jewelry class, such as arts and crafts industry sales activity; paper category, including class, home improvement, needle textiles industry to maintain steady sales potential; eyewear and accessories, plush toys and other industries in the cyclical low season.
    Similar to last weeks price index, the current week price index continued to show a slight downward trend, down 104.07 points from 104.31 points on the issue of. Trading floor order price index, the price index of export transactions rose slightly, direct trade floor price index fell slightly, the online transaction price index unchanged from last week.
    The price index of 15 categories, up 7 or a flat. Where sports and entertainment goods, textile products, daily necessities and other seven categories qoq rise, the biggest gain of 6.57 points; hardware and electrical materials, auxiliary materials and packaging, care and beauty products such as the seven major categories varying degrees fell the biggest decline in 7:00; The BAGS weeks price index is unchanged from last week. 97 two categories, the proportion rose to 33%, the decline in the ratio of 26%, unchanged compared to 41%.

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