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Yiwu education system startup "Creating a propaganda into the campus" activities

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2014-09-04

In order to carry forward the establishment of the National civilized city for further progress, and actively create an atmosphere, with immediate effect, Yiwu’s education system start "preaching into a civilized city campus" activities. September to December is the concentrated propaganda stage "to create propaganda into the campus" activities. At the same time, Yiwu’s educational activities who’s theme is "practicing public morals", are also launched in the educational system.
It is understood that there are 47 propaganda team members from Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College, PARTY and other units within the education system. Among them, both municipal propaganda group members to create a civilized city, but also the education system to create civilized city propaganda team members.
According to the arrangements in Yiwu, the education system " create propaganda into the campus " campaign focuses on Chinese dream, core values, civic morality, civility and civilization created, such as literacy, including the main preaching socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese dream, nurturing and practice the socialist core values, eight aspects of quality of civilization outbound travel, civic morality and thrift public education, campus civility, ideological and moral construction.
According to another report, the city's education system carry out "practice of public morals" theme educational activities, mainly from four aspects, including: creating an atmosphere, establishing public awareness; reforming bad habits, practice public morality; strengthening supervision and standardize public behavior; house
school cooperation, to play the role of radiation.
In order to ensure that events run smoothly, Yiwu City Board of Education requires each school to develop a detailed program of activities, rapid activities, in-depth investigations and studies, and effectively identify the problem. Education should reflect public morality among the activities in the process, process management activities focus, attention activity in the form of innovation; strengthen students' bad behavior in school supervision and management, truly a kind of school, to become a civilized city created vanguard; schools combined with practical, grasp the key link uncivilized behavior, highlighting the presence of students, seize and hold, so that the formation of long-term mechanism of educational practice; Formalism and superficial, to ensure that students of public morality education fall into practice, practical results.

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