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To create a distinctive urban culture in Yiwu

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2014-08-30

Culture is the soul of the city, is an important manifestation of the urban core competitiveness. "The nation is also the world," Currently, our task is to build a distinctive urban culture have Yiwu.

Throughout history of Yiwu, famous celebrities, deep inside, we should say, our ancestors left us a rich cultural heritage. In the next step of urban construction, we want to further enhance the preservation of the cultural memories of the city, reflecting the city's character, showing city scenes, shaping the spirit of the city's enormous role in enhancing the cultural self-confidence, cultural pride, cultural pride, thereby shaping this Yiwu International Trade beautiful image of the city.

In order to build the city of Yiwu distinctive culture, we should pay attention to the urban context of mining and continuity. Only in-depth understanding of yesterday, in order to move towards a better tomorrow. Yiwu is the seat of the ancient town, only to rattle vigorously carry forward the spirit of the characteristics of commercial culture, and actively cultivate and adapt to the integrity of international trade, inclusive, innovative modern culture, in stark cultural personality of Yiwu city, in order to make Yiwu urban context carried forward in the new era, in order to enable every person to Yiwu impressive. Every new and old people in Yiwu should improve the old town and the town, ancient villages, streets, pagodas and other protected areas, protection of historical and cultural awareness, because these are the symbols of urban context in the years formed a city embodied the soul and spirit of the city.

In order to build the city of Yiwu distinctive culture, we should consciously create a good image of the city. Every person living in Yiwu, are masters of the city. To honor the city actively striving to create more city card, good care of the city's reputation, a good guardian of the city's image. Firmly establish the city brand marketing concept, combining Yiwu market boom, e-commerce booming, and high degree of internationalization, the overall packaging design city logo, slogan and image of the city urban films, systematic campaign, shouting loud Yiwu brand, so full of life and vitality of Yiwu been fully demonstrated. Further promote the "shake rattle • ring with a round Chinese Dream," "I honesty my good fortune" projects, and actively guide people in good faith, observe morality, respect for science.

Urban culture appears to be very true, but in fact in our words and deeds, smiles, only we work together to care for Yiwu, Yiwu care, "to create the city of Yiwu distinctive culture" did not become a talk.

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