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Street banner is a "visual pollution" in Yiwu.

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2014-09-03

Street hanging banners, city tasteless. On the network, many people in Yiwu agree with this statement.
Low cost of street banners was flooded in some places. In Yiwu, start up to create a national civilized city, create Office, Bureau of comprehensive administrative enforcement efforts to increase the cutting street banners, and establish long-term monitoring mechanism of  "see one, cut one". Urban commercial street banners have been microscopic trace in Yiwu. However, there are still a lot of publicity on the streets and public welfare banner ads. The vast majority of these banners hang from the towns and part from departments, mostly without the functional departments for approval.
Departments and units for hanging banners, usually take "creating a work atmosphere" as the reason, at some stage to grasp what kind of work, pulling the banner contribute to form a thick atmosphere within a certain range, and mobilize the masses to support and participate. Some people believe that pulling the banner, the more the work carried out in this sector could prove too solid and effective.
Admittedly, street banners in Yiwu can indeed play certain publicity. However, people's ideas and information and communication technology in Yiwu change quickly today. "pull the banner out propaganda" has become an expression of the idea behind. When more and more people apply network, micro blogging, letters and other new media, still habitually keen on street banners behavior was questioned inevitable. I will not speak now banner publicity effect has been greatly reduced; the focus on the implementation of specific importance banner campaign is not working, if there is suspicion of formalism? In addition, without the approval of unauthorized banners, there are departments "privilege" and in violation of Yiwu's urban outdoor advertising regulations; freely hanging banners, influential cityscape, reduce urban quality, resulting in "visual pollution"; "banners" covered streets, block the line of sight, the impact of the risk of traffic safety.
Thus, in the strong regulation of outdoor advertising, the backdrop of a civilized city Yiwu, hanging publicity and public welfare banner advertisements will lay to rest.

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