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Strengthen the construction of urban ecological civilization in Yiwu.

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Yama      Date: 2014-09-01

With blue sky, clear water, green mountains, the net's beautiful home is everyone's dream. Yiwu’s thirteenth seven plenary sessions regarded the strengthening construction of urban ecological civilization as priorities of urban restructuring and development. It reflects the scientific development concept and conforms to the expectations of the people.

Beautiful mountains, good ecology is not only the natural environment on which we depend for live, but also an important foundation for future generations to sustainable development. Without a good environment, not only beautiful homes out of the question, the happiness index is difficult to improve and the economic and social development will face increasingly serious environmental bottleneck. The construction of urban ecological civilization concerns the welfare of the people and the future of Yiwu.

In order to strengthen the construction of urban ecological civilization, Yiwu must iron pollution. Currently, what the people most concerned about is water, gas, sound environmental conditions, and the most concerned about whether there is no heavy polluting enterprises, timely treatment of sewage, drinking water is clean, safe, and whether the noise nuisance or not. The people in the past "hope subsistence" now "green hope", in the past "survival" now "seeking ecology." In recent years, the municipal government attaches great importance to the Yiwu's environmental protection work, to solve outstanding environmental harm public health issue as a starting point, and vigorously promote environmental issues outstanding industry rectification, welcomed by the masses. In the future, we must continue to promote the "five water cohabitation" to strengthen air pollution control, attaches great importance to the protection of the earth, unswervingly adhere to iron pollution, vigorously carry out comprehensive environmental remediation, increase ecosystem restoration and protection efforts.

Livable Yiwu is what people settle in pursuit of and the fundamental objective of urban ecological civilization. From a practical point of view and the people of Yiwu city's environmental expectations livable city is still lagging behind. Accelerate the transformation of the city, is to improve the living conditions and improve the urban environment, not only for the people "has its home" but also "gifted their home.","Mountains are productivity." Only by strengthening urban ecological civilization, to the strong desire of the masses on the ecological environment of the implementation of specific actions to improve the environment in urban transformation, ecological protection, and economic development and achieve win-win harmony livable urban construction. Only in this way can the "Better City, Better Life" concept by the desire to become a reality.

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