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Zhejiang technical innovation project the first pilot in China

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author:       Date: 2009-11-26

National Technical Innovation Project, Zhejiang pilot mobilization meeting was held. Zhejiang become the country's first pilot project of technological innovation one of the provinces, Yiwu jewelry as a technology to enhance the focus of reform.

Xiu Xian, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor of Yiwu Song Yinghao, as well as department heads of various organs of the conference room telephone and television in the city attended the meeting.

National Technical Innovation Project in Zhejiang province's pilot project, the scientific development concept as a guide in order to "enrich entrepreneurship, innovation and strong," as the target construction, an innovation-oriented province, innovative province. Emphasized the need for enterprises and market-oriented, building regional innovation system, improve the innovation management mechanism, enhance the business capability of independent innovation, strengthening science and technology in the promotion of fast economic growth in the support role played by the power of knowledge and technology to achieve massive economic transformation to a modern industrial clusters led to the industrial structure adjustment and economic restructuring and upgrading. It is understood that there will be 21 expert service teams to the massive economic point of Zhejiang Province to provide technology services and intellectual support, Yiwu jewelry are among them.

Xiu Xian pointed out that the massive economic Zhejiang Yiwu jewelry as a sub-block, in the face of financial crisis circumstances, the need for further rely on high-tech, break through the current economic development, there is a bottleneck. At the same time, Yiwu other key industries have learned from this opportunity to improve enterprise capability of independent innovation, and actively building scientific research base, from a cost of consumption of material resources to relying on scientific and technological advances to improve output path.

The meeting also on 28 innovative companies demonstrate corporate and service group of 21 experts, representatives for awarding.

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