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"Yiwu Fair" organization go to CantonFair to attract investment by increasing th

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Yama      Date: 2014-10-16

 "Yiwu Fair" organization go to CantonFair to attract investment by increasing the APP marketing new technology.

Mall Merchants Group, with 20th "Fair" promotion teams rushed to attend the 116th Canton Fair in Guangzhou, carriing out for a period of 24 days of "Yiwu Fair" investment lead business activities.
It is reported that this year's publicity team of the mall group exhibitions, trade, information, hotels and other related companies will promote "Yiwu Fair" and Yiwu market to global customers in Canton and the surrounding venues. Previously, the advocacy group through cooperation with local companies in Guangzhou, distributed promotional materials business travel guides, Fair English invitations, CD, etc. They continued to collect and gather information of hall peripheral businessmen resources in Guangzhou ongoing four-star hotel information, and digged Canton merchant’s quality information and so on. This time, the advocacy group will focus on promotion of Yiwu market, show-related information while collecting merchants card information, filling out some buyers intent table; and for the businessmen to carry out sweeping "Fair" micro letter and APP, complimentary gifts and other activities, in order  to increase micro-channel marketing and APP, so more customers through the micro-platform information will understand the Fair, and has become a member of Yiwu Fair.

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