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Actively explore to build a new model of underground space development in Yiwu.

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2014-10-13

City road congestion, the center Yiwu district land, environmental order pressure...... In the face of the various contradictions shortage of land resources brings, Yiwu, scale work and diversified potential dig, considers underground space development as mitigation land constraints, an important way to improve the city's comprehensive carrying capacity, and actively explore the development of new pattern of underground space construction, through the planning, policy, innovation mechanism to promote a comprehensive specification construction of Yiwu’s underground space, to promote city construction by the extension and expansion of the transition to raise the connotation, to promote the coordinated development of the city, on the ground, underground stereo type.

"Into three" stereo development of new space

The development and utilization of underground space, for people's life’s part, it is not strange. These underground space development projects inadvertently appear in the side of the people, which has penetrated into all aspects of life. Yiwu population has growth in space, but not unlimited growth. Land is destined to be increasingly scarce resource. In the upward to space at the same time, maximum limit to deep underground mining space, become a new feature transformation and development in Yiwu city.

In accordance with the construction of "Yiwu underground" goal, in the next few years, I will further study the revised Measures for the management of the development and utilization of underground space, continue to improve the planning system, and increase government input, strengthening policy guidance, strive to 2018 completed 5000000 square meters of construction tasks, to promote our city underground space to a higher level.

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