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Optimization services to create a "new Yiwu" warm home

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Yama      Date: 2014-09-12

Regard the good service, good management of as a major work of social management innovation, which is Yiwu management of floating population service bureau’s focus. All along, Yiwu management of floating population service bureau by strengthening innovative mechanisms, team building, providing security and other measures to promote the realization of the floating population service management information, dynamic, standardization, socialization and equalization of public services, as mobile in Yiwu population to create a warm "home."
A two-dimensional code, a new leap forward step
Last month, there was a blue two-dimensional code I the wall of buildings of Choujiang Street in Yiwu. In fact, this two-dimensional code is coded address of the house, this number and in respect of each house, each rental corresponded, and each number will be stored into the information live person. Flow control department can organize these information systems through the background, with flat mobile phone "to sweep" to complete the check-in personnel information changes and acquisition.
From April 22 this year, Yiwu management of floating population service bureau for further implementation of the "housekeeping" and the first in the crowded city streets was the pilot, the introduction of information technology management model for future full application of the two-dimensional code promotion rental housing. After the two-dimensional code rental housing into use, the flow tube players inspectors information without knocking on doors, one by one, as long as the rental of rooms were posted, scanning, binding, and information input, the required information can glance.
Floating Population Management Services Secretary Tao said, using a two-dimensional code rental housing not only enhance the floating population service management capabilities, but also to further implement the comprehensive management principles within their jurisdictions. Meanwhile, the two-dimensional code accurate and comprehensive distribution and related equipment to enhance performance and popularity of the flow tube members save time and effort on the information collection, information verification, improve the overall efficiency of the floating population service management. Next, Yiwu's rental housing for the current situation, the council will focus on "full of information collection, gathering accurate information" of the target, according to "local conditions, the pilot first, the overall advancement, service management" ideas, and comprehensively promote rental housing dimensional code management.

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