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Yiwu controls the Right of Registration and Management of Foreign Trade Operator

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2014-09-10

 Recently, the Ministry of Commerce formally approved, and agreed to autorised the Municipal Bureau of Commerce as a foreign trade operator registration organizations. This is the city, Yiwu, also the national ministries to make sure a major business administrative privileges on the basis of the provincial level to expand their power, Yiwu has also become Zhejiang's first "foreign trade operator registration management authority of the County level cities. According to the unified arrangement of the Ministry of Commerce, Yiwu is expected in September to engage in foreign trade operators registration.
From Yiwu pilot approved, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce under the State Council "Zhejiang Yiwu International Trade, a overall reform of the overall program requirements" on "Optimizing the environment for the development of international trade", and positive to seek to expand the business management permissions and optimizes the business development environment, the strong support of the Jinhua Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Department of Commerce. After several up and down the communication and reporting, in June 2014, the Commerce Department official to the Commerce Department to apply, the municipal government is also positive to fight, on July 10 this year, the Commerce Department finally approved the agreement.

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