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Practice the core values to build Yiwu characteristics and culture

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2014-09-18

Culture is the soul of the city and is an important manifestation of the urban core competitiveness. Yiwu firmly seize the historical opportunity of reform and opening up, hidden in the deep places of cultural heritage in the "feather-for-sugar"-- this "rattle culture" to thrive, and gradually developed into a "pragmatic mercantilism", "trade benefits workers", " interests coexistence" the characteristics of the business culture in Yiwu, which promote Yiwu, a behind closed, small, poor county, developed into an international business city where thousands of businessmen gathered in.

Today, Yiwu, "one core, two wings, three pieces", the grand blueprint has been portrayed, completed building a "New Silk Road, Port District land, Branch Innovation Zone" and "assembly" has been sounded. In the key development of urban transformation period, what kind of city culture we need to establish urban brand, highlight the city's personality, how to cultivate people's city pride and sense of responsibility, initiative to encourage people to join the old and new to create Yiwu International Trade in SAR goal? Yiwu’s development into today is much related to a rich cultural heritage of our city. Twenty-five years since the First Emperor Qin Shihuang built Wu Shang County, Yiwu Cultural heritage has inherited more than two thousand two hundred years long history. "Wu Shang" the county name itself has a very profound cultural connotation. "Wu Shang culture" also affects the generations of descendants, considered as Yiwu People traditional virtues.
Yiwu profound historical culture and modern commercial civilization, gave birth to "Yiwu spirit"- "hard-working, brave and  integrity and tolerance “and   created "Yiwu miracle"-"out of nothing", "inexplicable," "Midas touch". In the new historical period, we must accelerate the cultural construction, history and culture of the ancient town, the market miracle inclusive business culture and integrity, innovation and open integration of modern culture, refined spirit of the times, to match with the "China first city" and become modern Yiwu with Yiwu characteristics and culture.

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