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Yiwu Social Investment Group stands out the effective investment highlights.

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2014-09-16

Yiwu Governor Test group carried out supervision for social investment group "Hundred Days tackling" activities. Governor test group believes that social investment group caught effective investment highlights prominent, with some representation.

Since the "Hundred Days tackling" activities, Yiwu social investment group to carry out multi-form compared with the quality, the safety, the progress of activities, which created a "ratio, school, time, help, super" atmosphere, and achieved good results. Holding "big school social investment” is good to increase the level of professional knowledge workers. And develop technical field, investment and financing, cost control, etc. ten research projects, production and education combined, apply their knowledge.

Yiwu Social Investment Group invested around construction projects progress, inverted planned, down to every task, implementing the plan, focusing on major construction projects to promote the formation of a powerful force. The group will project the image of progress made on the wall chart on the slow progress of the implementation of the company's construction unit leadership interview system, the formation of an up and down together; pay close attention to the quality of construction projects increased inspection frequency, a good quality and safety of monthly matchmaking, strengthen corrective feedback after; strengthen cost control, engineering visas for special supervision, focusing on cost estimation and analysis, quality, and efficiency while grasping.

At the same time, Yiwu community groups improve efficiency through innovative investment management, optimization services. Each project inverted plan, time down to monthly, weekly, daily; engineering refinement to decompose each building, each floor, every procedure, precise positioning, tapping the potential synergies. Since such as temple, "Beaulieu Garden" project was started last December 9, basement structure basically completed, construction of the main building has been average to seven layers, has completed an investment of 317 million yuan, accounting for 79% of the annual plan investment, which became Yiwu's new community building projects in progress in gathering the fastest one.

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