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Civilized Yiwu call car stickers of civilization.

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2014-09-05

With private car into Yiwu family, the rear of culture starts developing from seriousness initial information circular, such as "novice, thanking you," "I would rather stop-thirds, do not grab one second," etc., to today's personality show, for example, "other people's way, let others no way to go", "Do not be obsessed brother, I’m only a legend," and so on. These personalized car stickers mostly humorous, is convulsed.

However, personalized car stickers were welcomed by some Yiwu people, naturally, were opposed by others. One reason for the objection, car stickers will attract the attention of the driver behind the vehicle, causing the driver encounters unexpected situations, such as when the emergency brake cannot be effectively disposed of. The driver was there to see the car stickers "tell you a secret -" behind the words, "I drink," leading to rear-end. The other reason for rejection, some car stickers content too vulgar, watched as people disgusted , such as "I let your car deformed if you dare overtaking", "Do not chase me who grid brake" and so on, a kind of "ruffian" blowing, incompatible with the Yiwu’s new style of civilization.

Car stickers with vehicles shuttle in the streets, which has become a part of Yiwu and showing the Yiwu's image of a window. Of course, it allows a lively, humorous, laugh, witty discourse. If the car sticker’s terms may be too offbeat, too ridiculous, too vulgar to make our society moral and psychological not hold, it is questionable.

Even though the content style of a wide variety of car stickers is not elegant, attached to the private car, in the case of not against the law, they really provoke nothing to "blocking." Why not adopting positive initiatives to guide people to use civilized car stickers do? Civilized and healthy car stickers become a pursuit and fashionable, uncivilized car stickers naturally out of favor, the most critical is who let themselves labeled "uncivilized" label it?

Civilized Yiwu call civilized people, civilized people have civilized behavior, and then the civilized language, civilization and car stickers affixed to start it. Let the car stickers to become a flow of civilized urban landscape, which is also their share of responsibilities for car owners.


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