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Yiwu children go to school at home

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author:       Date: 2009-11-26

Live in Yiwu City, crowded streets of Crown Tong Luo Jiang Mei-Hong kids are now happy at home in front of the Kwun Tong Primary school, because of the conditions and teacher education, where the power is nothing worse than the city, schools, Yiwu city is also one of the best primary school --- Experimental Primary School of the educational community, transplant experiments and primary education, teaching philosophy.

    Have to in the past, like the children's parents, Mei-Hong Luo probably will take into account urban school choice, for a child to school thing and a major headache. At present, Yiwu rural parents basically no such trouble.

    7 years ago, Yiwu successfully passed the provincial city of the first batch of strong education, review and acceptance, the regional educational development of the number and size of the problem has been basically resolved, but the quality and structure of the issue has become prominent contradictions. In 2004, the city's proposed "balanced, coordinated, high-quality, efficient" development goals, and proposed to create a national "regional educational development of a specialty model city" in order to more effectively promote the regional education balanced and harmonious development of high quality.

    Municipal Committee, Party secretary of Yiwu Zhi-Ping Huang, said: "Now into Yiwu, you will feel the rapid development of the local economy will bring a rapid development of education, you will commend the various types of education are the starting point and development, generous operation, it will praise Yiwu, Yiwu, the spirit of education, heritage, creating an Yiwu culture. "

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