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Yiwu taxi from tomorrow raise fuel surcharge

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author:       Date: 2009-11-25

With the rising oil prices, according to the provincial government on the establishment of taxi and road passenger transport bus price linkage mechanism on the Oil Transportation, 11 25, Yiwu City Development and Reform Bureau and the Department of Transportation following a joint decision from the November 27 0:00, the surcharge for each passenger views 1 yuan 5 angle taxi passenger fuel surcharges. This is the second collection, Yiwu taxi fuel surcharge.

    In line with the national oil prices and tax reforms, to ease oil price adjustment on the passenger taxi industry, the impact, according to the relevant provincial and municipal spirit of the document, Yiwu, starting in 2006, the implementation of the passenger cab Oil Transportation linkage mechanism to start vehicle trips per passenger fuel surcharge charged 1 yuan.

    In 2009, with the national oil prices and tax reform, adjust and improve relevant policies, provides for 93 gasoline prices (referring to the country's highest retail price) per liter, 4.43 yuan based on prices of the base period, when the increase amounts to or exceeds 5 liter corner and continued for more than 15 days, 5 surcharge for each passenger trips angle fuel surcharges, and so on. When gasoline prices fell 93 to the above standards, and sustained more than 15 days, the corresponding reduction or elimination of fuel surcharges. At present, Yiwu, No. 93, at 6 yuan gasoline has remained high, in line with the provisions of fuel surcharge increases. Yiwu City Development and Reform Bureau and the Department of Transportation in the document also called for the taxi business enterprises and business operators should strictly enforce the taxi tariff policies, norms price tag and collection of fees, improve service quality. Arbitrary collection of charges for violation of the regulations will be based on the relevant provisions dealt with severely.

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