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Bulid Yiwu of quality, suitable for living and starting-up.

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2014-09-24

We hope Yiwu to become an international-class quality city with a first-class environment, first-class service. Expect Yiwu to bulid into an innovation dynamic city by deepening the overall urban planning and construction. Create "Global Commodity Trade Center": the core is the market upgrading. From merchandise sales center to the control center of international trade, improve the level of international trade links to the information, logistics, finance and other aspects of enhanced control, industrial sectors to accelerate the transformation and upgrading; both entities virtual market, accelerate the development of e-commerce market; strategic pivot to the new Silk Road city as an opportunity to expand our international business, international exchanges and other functions.
Occasion breakthrough: Yiwu is determined as international dry port city in the east by UNESCAP, to play a logistics network advantages, stronger modern logistics (including network, base, infrastructure, information services, etc.), become the international dry port city with a port service function.
Innovation and vitality: Yiwu has a rich vibrant atmosphere in the past 30 years. Where the market was where the city where, to carry forward the tradition of innovation, the bottleneck vibrant city traits, a breakthrough low-end manufacturing, to enhance the creative design with research and development, to realize manufactured from low-end to high-end production changes; to break through the current industrial system, foster tourism and culture, leisure consumption industries, the formation of appropriate industry livable, creative dynamic city in the true sense.
Build a good landscape environment. Develop good ecological pattern formation within the municipal area, form good green system in Yiwu, form the relationship between man and the environment fusion so that the public could see the mountains and the visible water, remember nostalgia.
Accomplish good urban planning and design. "Paint" Yiwu’s good-look.Form a unique urban landscape to the utmost, such as industrial space can be modern, simple, clean; residential living space should be warm, friendly; public buildings (libraries, large supermarkets, administrative offices, etc.) need to form a unique design, but also need some iconic architectural features.
Be people-oriented. Provide scientific traffic organization. Transportation is an important part in Yiwu and also a symbol of urban civilization. We must continue to improve the public transportation system, walking system, to meet the new demands of public travel, so that people feel easy and comfortable.
Build good public space in order to improve human living environment. The city is not just buildings, but also parks, green spaces, squares, etc., as well as good public services and facilities, such as libraries, cultural and sports activities stations, medical education and other service points, more attention to human development.


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