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Yiwu rectification group to carry out "clean holiday" special inspection

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2014-09-09

Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day is approaching, whether there is the illegal issuance of the units holiday benefits, moon cake or not? Whether leaders accept donated gift cards, gift certificates or not? On September 3, rectification group in Yiwu visited some field offices, Towns, state-owned enterprises, institutions, hotels and moon cake manufacturers to supervise the related situations of corruption cases.

Rectification group in Yiwu has examined the Bureau of Civil Affairs, Water Affairs, Union City, Yiwu Business Daily, Post Office, City Investment Group, Jiangdong Street, the town, etc. totally 9 Yiting units and three hotels, two moon cake producers with site visits, access to information, asking staff, etc.,. From the inspection situation, there are no paid holiday benefits, gifts, gift cards, moon cake, and ordered from the hotel, factory moon cake and so on.

Rectification group in Yiwu reiterates that towns street, city authorities and the majority of party members and cadres of various units to further strict discipline and strict adherence to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Integrity Mid-Autumn Day holiday, "eight non" requirement, resolutely check of public funds to send moon cake, Day ceremony, extravagance and waste public funds and such trends. Discipline inspection organs at all levels should earnestly fulfill their supervisory responsibilities, strengthen supervision and must seriously deal with inspection of the wind defaulter, increase efforts to no exposure to ensure a happy and peaceful, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day.

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